Responsible Investments

Making a difference!

Impact & ESG Investments allow you to preserve & grow your wealth while leaving behind a better world.

The returns & performance of your investments are important to you and your family. So is the world you live in.

Creating a positive social and environmental impact, without compromising returns is important to us too.
This is why we have developed ethical managed portfolios, also known as ESG or IMPACT investment portfolios.

Responsible Investments means different things to different people. For us, it means investing in companies that place values as a priority, without compromising retuns. 

Our ESG managed portfolios include companies that:

  • Treat their employees fairly
  • Don't harm the environment
  • Are managed using best practices
  • Practice gender equality
  • Encourage diversity
  • Gain adequate returns with lower drawdown
  • Do not have high negative externalities, i.e. fossil fuels, tobacco and adult entertainment.

The selection process helps mitigate the risk of catastrophic events

Why should you invest responsibly with Pioneer?

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  • Established & independent
  • Tailored to the clients' needs and IMPACT goals
  • Low costs
  • Globally diversified portfolios
  • Robust Asset Allocation principles
  • Access to the global universe of IMPACT & ESG investments
  • Cooperation with leading ESG experts
  • External validation by Blackrock & Natixis - global ESG leaders

Want to know more?
Watch our ESG Investments webinar (held on July 2020) or download our Responsible Investments brochure