Family Office

A variety of customized financial services to clients around the world

Maintaining and increasing the family wealth and passing it on to the next generation are not just a matter of investment management. There are other aspects to be considered, which affect the decisions to be made. The Family Office services provided by Pioneer allow the families access to leading experts in their fields, and integration of all assets. In addition to managing investments, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with these experts, to plan, build and tailor the services to the family's needs.

The Family Office services that Pioneer extends to wealthy families grants them access to leading experts in their field as well as the integration of all the information they share. In addition to managing the investments, we work shoulder to shoulder with those experts in planning, developing and customizing all the necessary services the family requires. 

Among Pioneer's Family Office services:

  • Planning and establishing an investment policy
  • Investment portfolio management – analysis of the current situation, risk management, supervision and control of investments, yields and costs
  • Reduction of the fees and costs charged by the investment houses and banks
  • Access to selected alternative investments
  • Detailed holistic reports on all investments – financial and assets
  • Collaboration with leading experts in related fields, such as tax planning, next generation transfer – wills and inheritances, trusts and legal planning and structuring, retirement planning and insurance