Retirement: How much is enough? (December 2012)

How much does the average investor need to save for a predictable and acceptable retirement? / Darron Green

The dramatic financial events of the past 5 years have forced a review and recalibration of this objective. The much-publicized forced move away from Employer Insurance plans ("Bituach Menahalim") to pension saving plans is but one recent example...

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The Egypt Crisis - A Brief Analysis From Pictet Asset Management

Last weekend the political situation in Egypt exploded. As we write, events are changing hourly, and it would be rash to make any firm predictions as to how the crisis will play out. Nevertheless, some observations can be made...

By Oliver Bell, Senior Investment Manager - Pictet Asset Management (2 February 2011)

Which is safer, which is more profitable? - By David Tamir

Are you confident that investing in stocks is more profitable? Are you sure that investing in bonds is safer? This is not always the case, all the more so in this day and age.

By David Tamir (15/09/2010)

How To Choose The Right Wealth Manager

There are many reasons why you could be looking for a wealth manager. Perhaps you have just come into an inheritance and are looking for a reliable wealth manager...

By Steffen Binder Managing Director – My Private Banking (www.myprivatebanking.com)