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Family Governance

Managing Wealth is complex and requires a broad range of skills. Through Pioneers experience, we have built an impressive network of professionals who we are happy to rely on to assist manage that complexity.

The list below of strategic alliances is based on careful consideration and experience.
Pioneer is not compensated in any way by these service providers.

Strategic Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives

Dr. Marc Silverman, PhD
Family business consultant to various family businesses dealing with issues of succession, corporate and family governance, conflict resolution, as well as developing family offices and sustaining family wealth.

Miami, Florida
Dennis T. Jaffe (PhD)

Dennis T. Jaffe (PhD)

Dennis Jaffe
Family business, succession, wealth and philanthropy. Professor of Organizational Systems and Psychology at Saybrook University in San Francisco.

San Francisco, California
Fides Services

Fides Services

Jacob Laskow
Treating family wealth professionally like your business. Strategic wealth consulting based on the family's long-term needs. Family business and wealth succession process, including business coaching for the next generation.
Tel-Aviv, Israel