Pioneer Wealth Management provides wealth management, portfolio management and financial planning services to high net worth individuals and families around the world.

Pioneer does not receive any remuneration or benefit as a result of wealth management services provided to clients. If for any reason, Pioneer should receive such remuneration from a Financial Institution or Bank, this remuneration will be remitted, in full, to the Client.

Pioneer Wealth Management serves clients and families around the world and is licensed to operate via the following companies:

  • Pioneer Financial Planning (92) Ltd. which serves mainly Israeli, European and South African clients - holds a Portfolio Management license from the Israeli Securities Authority, the South African Financial Services Board and registered with the Ontario Securities Commission as an International Advisor in Canada.
  • Pioneer Family Office LLC which is a US-licensed Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and serves mainly American and Latin American clients.
  • Pioneer Administrative Service Ltd. which is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) licensed by the SEC, based in Israel, and serves mainly American and Latin American clients.
  • Pioneer Pension Insurance Agency (2009) Ltd. which is a pension insurance agency, licensed as a marketer of pension products by the Israel Ministry of Finance and serve mainly Israeli clients.

Pioneer’s business model is such that we are remunerated from one source only, for each investment. For our wealth management service clients, our only source of income are the Management Fees paid by the Client to Pioneer.

This model is not valid in relation to most Israeli Pension solutions, for whom Pioneer is remunerated directly only from the relevant institution, and not from the client (only relevant for clients contracted with Pioneer Financial Planning (92) ltd.). This is not relevant to clients contracted with Pioneer Administrative Services ltd., which is a foreign RIA.

As a company operating for over 30 years in the financial industry, we have legacy business where clients in the past were referred to various investment institutions. Pioneer may still be remunerated by those investment institutions with regard to those investments. Those institutions are considered to be an affiliation*. Clients do not pay Pioneer any fee for those investments.

The contents of this website are for information only and are not to be construed in any manner as a proposal, advice, offer, recommendation or solicitation to purchase or sell or hold the securities or financial products, and is not a substitute for individual investment advice based on the particular circumstances and special needs of each investor or potential investor.

While reasonable efforts have been made to obtain information from usually reliable sources, Pioneer makes no representation that the information appearing on the website or opinions expressed or contained on this website are accurate, reliable or complete. Views and opinions expressed in this website reflect the view and opinions as of the date of writing and are subject to frequent changes, without prior notice. Anyone making any use of the aforementioned information does so at his/her own sole discretion and responsibility. Pioneer will not be responsible for any loss or damage of any kind which arises, directly or indirectly, and is caused by the use of any part of the information provided. Furthermore, the information on the website does not constitute advice on tax or legal matters and Pioneer recommends that investors and potential investors obtain professional advice in these areas, if required.

Pioneer has an affiliation* to the financial institutions detailed below (with regard to accounts which are not under Pioneer Wealth Management services):

  • Banque Julius Baer - Clients who were referred in the past to Banque Julius Baer Private Banking services (with regard to accounts which are not under Pioneer Wealth Management services).
  • Clients with investments in the following financial institutions: Aurum, Envestnet Asset Management, GAM, GLG, Man Investments, Altshuler Shaham, Analyst, Epsilon, Excellence Nessuah, Harel Finance, Psagot, Sigma, and Yalin Lapidot (with regard to accounts which are not under Pioneer Wealth Management services).
  • The following alternative investments: Buligo, FRUX Capital, Harbor Group, Hoshen, Gelfund, Granite Alphen Capital Fund, IBI CCF, Noked, Oasis and Sula Capital, in relation to Clients who did not wish that such investments be carried out within the scope of Pioneer’s wealth management services.

  • Pioneer Financial Planning (92) Ltd. ("Pioneer") serves as external investment manager for the PFP (1B) (!)Bonds +10% Mutual Fund – Mutual Fund Number 5109608, as a result of a transaction for the acquisition of operations between Pioneer and Lehava Investment Portfolio Management Ltd. ("Lehava"), according to which Pioneer acquired the operations of Lehava**
  • Clients with investments in the following Israeli pension institutions: Altshuler Shaham, Analyst, Dash-Meitav, Excellence Nessuah, Clal Gemel, Hachshara, Hachshara, Harel, Helman Aldubi, Psagot, IBI, Phoenix, and Yalin Lapidot (with regard to accounts which are not under Pioneer Wealth Management services).

* An affiliation means receiving financial remuneration from the institutions detailed below with regard to the financial and/or pension assets that are managed by them or under their care. The essential nature of the affiliation is a monetary benefit payable to Pioneer by the institutions at rates of up to 50% of the total fee paid by the client to such institutions for their services. Pioneer (not as a part of its Wealth Management services) and/or Pioneer Pension Insurance Agency is likely to prefer the financial and/or pension products of the aforementioned institutions over other products with which Pioneer is not affiliated, which are similar in their suitability to the client.

** The Fund Manager is Meitav Tachlit Mutual Funds Ltd. ("Fund Manager"). The Fund's exposure profile is 1B: 1 - up to 10% exposure to shares, B- up to 30% exposure to foreign currency. The exclamation mark attached to the Fund's name notes that according to its investment policy, may arise exposure to a credit risk due to exposure to not- rated investment grade bonds (as defined below) or from operations in derivatives or through entities that belong to the second credit risk group or from deposits of cash and deposits with said entities, or the value of a foreign security that was borrowed through an Israeli stock exchange member that does not meet the conditions required of the first credit risk group ("exposure to banks and brokers") under the following circumstances or rates: the overall rate of exposure to not- rated investment grade bonds and the exposure to banks and brokers may exceed the Fund's maximum rate of exposure to shares, as per the Fund's exposure profile; the rate of exposure to a particular bank or broker may exceed 10% of the value of the Fund's assets, and the rate of exposure to banks and brokers may exceed 20% of the value of the Fund's assets (all irrespective of the exposure profile of the Fund to shares); in this respect, the first or second credit risk group - as defined in the appendix to the directive of fund managers and trustees regarding custodian risks and credit risks. This publication does not constitute an offer to acquire Fund units. The full investment policy of the Fund appears in the Fund's annual report and/or Immediate Reports in force. The acquisition of Fund units shall be based only on a prospectus by the Fund Manager and Immediate Reports in force only. That said does not constitute investment marketing or investment advice, and does not constitute a substitute for investment marketing or investment advice, which takes into consideration the financial needs of each investor. For further information, please contact Meitav Tachlit Mutual Funds Ltd. at www.meitavdash.co.il.

Updated: September 2019