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Shmuel Ben Arie

Shmuel Ben Arie

Head of Investments for the Israeli market and Member of the Investment Committee

Shmuel Ben Arie joined Pioneer in 2009 as a Senior Financial Planner and shortly after, due to his exceptional analytical abilities, he was promoted as Head of the Local Market (Israel) Investment Research Division. In 2012 Shmuel led the development and implementation of Pioneer’s Shekel Wealth Management service, which provides our Israeli clients with local holistic solutions based on Pioneer’s diversification and asset allocation principles. Today Shmuel is the CIO for the Israeli market, the head of Shekel Wealth Management Service, and a Member of the Israeli Investment Committee.

In the past Shmuel has worked as an energy market speculator and was responsible for many Oil & Gas future contracts transactions.

Shmuel holds a BA in Finance and Management from Ben Gurion University, an MBA from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and is a Financial Planner licensed by the Israel Securities Authority.

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