Giving Back

Whole heartedly

We believe that the business community is an integral part of society. The majority of our clients are involved in charitable and voluntary work and we try to follow suit. Over the past few years we have dedicated our support for the community through the following organizations:

  • Make a Wish Israel - The Israeli affiliate of Make-A-Wish International, whose sole mission is to grant wishes to children (3-18) with life-threatening medical conditions, to enrich the human experience with Hope, Strength and Joy. The essence of this foundation is all about turning tears into smiles and replacing sadness with joy, by fulfilling the children's greatest wish, and by doing so, giving them the strength and motivation to help overcome their illness. Each year, together with 'Make a Wish Israel', Pioneer grants one wish to one of the children.
  • Beit HaGalgalim -  A social home for children, adolescents and adults with congenital physical disabilities. A home for those whoes spirit pushes them beyond expectations and beyond their disability. The cooperation with Pioneer is diversified and includes, among other things, monetary donations on behalf of our clients during Passover, the distribution of Mishlochey Manot (traditional Jewish "goody bag") on Purim by our staff members, and a wonderful exhibition of paintings and photographs by the organization’s artists at Pioneer’s offices in Herzliya during July 2012.
  • Ezer MiZion - Israel's largest medical support association. Since its inception in 1979, Ezer MiZion provides medical support and assistance to patients and their families, the elderly, the needy and people in dire situations. We are a proud sponsor of the annual golf tournament “Hole in One“ in Caesarea Golf Club. For more information on the tournament visit: www.ezermizion.org/golf.
  • Spirit of Israel - Pioneer is proud to work together with the Spirit of Israel, a non-profit organization established in 1997, dedicated to the welfare of all sectors in Israeli society, children and youth at risk in particular. The Spirit of Israel supports innovative educational, social and therapeutic programs, designed to bring about meaningful positive change in the lives of thousands of Israel's most vulnerable children. Together, we can offer them hope for a better future. To further this end, the Spirit of Israel team is at your service to prepare an individual, meaningful and responsible social investment plan.
  • Association for Children at Risk - Every year we purchase Passover Hagadot and/or Rosh Hashanah greetings decorated by the beautiful paintings of the children members of the association, which is the oldest and leading organization in Israel for the treatment of autism in early childhood.
  • Holiday presents - Every year we present our overseas clients with a New Year’s token of appreciation which are “made in Israel“ and have some community service added value. Some of the initiatives include gifts lovingly packed by Shavim's members (an association that provides occupational rehabilitation), gifts by manufacturers in the south of Israel that were hurt during military operations, etc.

For more information please contact Yardena Alter, Marketing Manager at: Yardena@piowealth.com.